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Case Study

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Beach/seaside set


The Octagon Shopping Centre, Burton-Upon-Trent

The result

We produced a fully-usable sandy beach install that maintained its high level of finish throughout a high usage three-week install period. It provided huge impact and generated a lot of PR and social media traffic for the centre. As well as giving the kids and their families a lot of fun and a unique experience. 

The brief

We were tasked with designing and producing a fully-usable sandy beach install that would allow families visiting the shopping centre to have some play time on the beach. It had to incorporate activities and toys for the kids and places for the adults to relax and watch. We also had to make sure that the sand remained contained within the install area, and that the whole set was hard wearing so it would stand up to high usage across three weeks. 

The solution

We laid and sealed a protective timber sheet floor over the whole install area. This was then fitted with two sets of high skirt boards around the edge with a channel between them to capture any wayward sand. The whole area was then fenced in with white picket fencing with gated access that was firmly attached to the main structure.  


We then filled the area with 3 tonnes of certified play sand that was both sterilsed and graded for use in public. To dress the area, we provided various sizes of deck chairs, umbrellas, a couple of sand play tables, loads of buckets and spades, beach balls, beach games and beach props. 


We also provided a traditional beach hut that helped set the scene and acted as a useful storage area for promotional collateral.