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Case Study

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O/B support


Across The Pond TV and Lotus F1


Formula One Technical Specials


Lotus F1 racing facility

The result

Within a very short time frame, in a highly secure and sensitive location, we provided efficient and professional support to facilitate the filming of an organisation and product that demands the very best in technical and engineering efficiency and delivery. 

The brief

With less than 12 hours' notice, we were asked to provide a black box TV studio set in the depths of Lotus F1's technical facility. Without the time for a site visit, we planned for multiple eventualities and challenges, including what turned out to be a very brief install and de-rig time resulting in the F1 car already in position for us to build around. The client was looking for a clean and unfussy environment in which to film interviews with the race team in front of the car. 

The solution

With limited knowledge and assurances about the site dimensions, we designed a truss structure that could easily be adapted to fit the space once our feet were on the ground. We planned for all the likely changes and made sure we took extra equipment just in case. To this we fitted flat black moleskin drapes, which were tensioned and weighted for a crisp seamless finish. We only did this on three sides of the structure so as to allow space for the TV crew to work. Our crew remained on-site throughout filming and removed and installed different walls as required to facilitate the quick filming of the director's desired angles. The truss 'room' was finished with a pristine white stretched ceiling drape.