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Knightmare Live


Knightmare Live


Across the UK

The result

Along with the show's creator, we helped with the design and build of a flexible and hardwearing touring theatre set. The set was constructed in a way that it could be quickly assembled in a multitude of configurations to represent the ever-changing environments of this audience-led adventure comedy of the 80's kids TV classic, Knightmare.


To further assist the need for rapid set changes, we provided painted drop canvases that quickly changed the appearance of the set. And, for the finale of the show, we designed and built two functioning (but safe!) 6 foot diameter spinning saw blades that are icons of the original show. 


After a sell-out run and rave reviews at the Edinburgh Fringe, the show is on a hugely successful tour of the UK and is set to return to the Fringe once more. 

The brief

To design and build a multi-use, modular touring set. Through different configurations, it would need to represent several changing environments and would need to be compact and manageable enough that it would fit in a transit van and two people could install and strike it in just 20 minutes. Yet, it still had to be durable as it was due to go on a UK tour after a residency at the Edinburgh Fringe. With this in mind, it also had to be flexible and modular to accommodate the changing demands and performance spaces of a multitude of venues. 

The solution

We built several sturdy timber frame flats with archways that we skinned in high quality timber – these were both hardwearing and light. Each flat was fitted with identically-positioned pin hinges that meant they could be quickly and easily joined in any configuration. We then made a set of drop canvasses that quickly and easily fitted over these flats, to yet again provide more changes of environments. 


While consulting with the show creator at each stage, we painted and textured the above with the designs of the dungeon and spooky forest as required. Finally we created the spinning blades that could be safely wielded by one person. With clever painting and splattering of fake blood, they looked suitably fierce, yet the foam teeth and lightweight construction meant they were totally safe.