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Music Festivals



The result

For many years, we have supplied the lighting rigs and lighting engineers for a well-established, four-day music festival that has been resident at various locations across the south coast of the UK. We design, rig, operate and maintain the festival lighting rigs for two stages and these rigs have provided top-quality lighting equipment that allow the creative flexibility for the vast array of well-known bands and internationally-acclaimed artists that perform at the events. 

The brief

To provide flexible, up-to-date festival lighting rigs that can accommodate the varying needs of a busy line up of a wide variety of musical genres over the course of a four-day festival. And to provide all the rigging and technical expertise to maintain and operate these rigs throughout the duration of the event. 

The solution

We continually adapt and redesign the truss rigs for both stages and are always adding new lighting fixtures. To accommodate the limited stage space that is available inside the big top that houses the main stage, and to facilitate the rapid turnaround of bands on and off the stages, our lighting rig also creates a hidden prep area for the next band to set up. As well as the festival rig, along with the promoter, we review all the bands' technical specifications and provide any specials that are required.