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Case Study

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MindWorks Marketing


RYA Suzuki Dinghy Show


Alexandra Palace

The result

We produced a stylish and modern main stage set with a high quality finish, and provided the full AV package to cater for the busy rolling daily schedule of presentations. We also provided sets and staging for other presentation areas around the show, and AV for break out seminar rooms. We provided full technical support and operation for all these areas. 


"We tasked Emphasis with refreshing and modernising the main stage set at the RYA Suzuki Dinghy Show and they really did us proud. They created a bright and clean new look, which incorporated the very latest technology in terms of the LED screen and lighting. The result was a very happy client!" – Jamie Moran, Senior Account Manager, MindWorks Marketing

The brief

We have been the appointed production supplier for the RYA Dinghy Show for many years and have worked closely with the organisational team to develop the profile and impact of the show throughout this time. 


In 2014, there was a change of show sponsor and we were tasked with developing a brand new look for the live events stage that would be fitting for the global brand now sponsoring the event. We were asked to create a high quality, clean finish with bold branding, while maintaining the friendly, community feel that is at the heart of the whole event. We were also tasked with incorporating a high quality LED screen to run a host of videos throughout the two-day event. 

The solution

Firstly, we took the simple yet effective step of lowering the stage slightly and curving the front. We also included a broad  set of central steps onto the stage. This had the effect of making the audience feel more involved and connected to the presentations on stage.  


We then manufactured a large bespoke timber frame set which put the high quality 3mm pixel pitch LED screen as the central focus. This set had no visible means of support, which maintained the clean and stylish look that was required. The screen was then flanked by stylish back lit branding. 


The set was over 6m tall, which meant that we could utilise bold, high level branding for the new show sponsor. We then provided intelligent moving lights to provide various lighting states throughout the day, this included logo and brand projection of other supporters of the show. These moving lights meant that we could react quickly to the changing demands of live presentations and adjust the lighting as required immediately. Both the lighting and the sound equipment was rigged from 'boxed in' support structures, which hid all the cabling and maintained the clean, sharp look of the overall set. 


Finally our dedicated sound, lighting and video engineers ensured the smooth running of the presentations across the two-day event.