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Case Study

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Retail events


Velocity Worldwide


Spooky Swamp Halloween Zone


UK Shopping Centres

The result

We created a hyper-realistic Spooky Swamp which was well received in the media and pulled in lots of interest for the shopping centres. The zone had ample space for the children to do activities and watch films.


The brief

We were asked to design and build a Swamp themed Halloween kids zone which would be the centrepiece a few shopping centres half term promotions. The zone needed to be functional for kids to do arts and crafts in and also have space for films to be shown. The set needed to be hyper-realistic and finished perfectly to allow the centre to run a promotional campaign with the images.

The solution

We initially created a few different designs for the swamp house design and kids zone.


We were limited to the promotional space at the shopping centre and so chose a 3m x 4m display area for the main set to go. We made a swamp floor that was covered with overgrown plants, rocks and moss. We then created a self supporting swamp house out of burnt and weathered reclaimed timber and topped it with a 6ft spooky tree.


We then added an astroturf section extending from the swamp which providing ample room for the entertainment and activities the centre had planned. We wanted to keep the swamp feel throughout and so transformed our child-friendly furniture into moss and grime ridden seating.