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Case Study

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Retail events




Spring Arts Live Events Stage


Castlepoint Shopping Centre, Bournemouth

The result

We provided an eye catching, functional, on-brand outdoor stage which allowed the varying arts projects ample room and facilitated their needs.


“It was a great success and everything went really fine... thanks for everything” – Anna Proto, Marketing Manager, Castlepoint Shopping Centre


The brief

We were tasked with providing a outdoor stage which allowed for a variety of different acts and arts projects to perform and display their work. The stage, however, had to fit within a small promo zone outside a shop. The client asked for the stage finish to match the branding and also to fit with the “garden zone” it was in.

The solution

We installed our smaller outdoor stage but added a curved thrust to the stage which meant we added more performance area yet stayed within the regulation promo area and allowed the maximum amount of audience area.


We had new white walls made for the stage so it fitted with their branding and event collateral. This was finished off with red carpet stage carpet and solid white valances and trims.


The stage had to adhere to certain safety precautions.  Firstly, the site is close to the coast and so experienced high winds at times. Secondly, the stage had to back onto a balcony to save space and so a lot of ballast was needed to ensure the stage wouldn’t go anywhere.


The water ballast tanks were quite unsightly and so we made a timber cover to go over them and wrapped this with grass and flowers which fit perfectly with the spring garden zone theme.