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Case Study

Event Type

Product launches


MindWorks Marketing


Super-luxury car press launch


Cass Sculpture Park, Goodwood

The result

We provided a pristine white event space that ensured the product was the focus of everyone's attention. By eliminating all ambient light spill, we controlled the mood of the space using light and sound to take the guests on the desired journey to communicate the feel and presence of the brand and product. Finally pin-point accurate, moving lighting effects were pre-programmed and deployed on cue to a live presentation of the product. The result was a seamless, highly-professional product launch for a globally significant brand and product. 

The brief

The venue was chosen for both its elegance and exclusivity which helped in maintaining the privacy and prestige around this invite-only press launch. We were tasked with creating a neutral space with total privacy and ambient light level control. We had to bear in mind that we were not allowed to alter or touch the fabric of the building. Once a neutral space had been achieved, we were then asked to create a stylish and ultra clean event space that would ensure the product was the star. This space would need to be symmetrically functional in 360 degrees to accommodate for an undisclosed presentation and lighting brief. The space also needed strategic raised vantage points to best show off the product's unique features. Key to the launch was the request for pin point accurate lighting effects to bring the attention to key features during a live presentation which needed support from a high quality PA system. Luxury, quality, privacy and discretion were all key to our brief. 

The solution

After careful and considerate liaison with the client and the venue, we designed and installed a structure to fit perfectly within the full parameters of the room. This enabled us to fit a bespoke white ceiling and beautiful satin wall drapes. To further control the privacy and ambient light spill, we blacked out all windows and the many skylights in the roof. We designed a highly versatile lighting rig that would provide a broad range of lighting states and effects. The lighting rig was symmetrical enabling us to accommodate which ever way the client wanted to position the product. This approach was replicated in the PA equipment. Raised platforms were installed at symmetrically strategic points, which were finished with matching white carpet and trims. Finally an expert lighting designer/operator and sound engineers were provided that were able to quickly understand the requirements of the client and the presentation, and efficiently translate this into suitable lighting and sound design.