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Case Study

Event Type

Private events


Solent Conference Centre


Vintage Circus Christmas Theming


The Spark, Southampton

The result

We created a very authentic vintage circus centrepiece which when accompanied with the lighting and props turned the day-to-day social area into a circus wonderland. Guests were enticed into the theme and it set a wonderful atmosphere for all the different events.

The brief

We were tasked with producing a circus themed centre piece, lighting and logo projection for a 3 week run of Christmas parties. The design had to fit within a specific budget, be durable enough to look at its best for 3 weeks use, whilst making sure it set the atmosphere for the string of Christmas dinners. 


The solution

We built a stripped back vintage big top which was big enough to stand out as a centrepiece and be dressed with circus animals, whilst still allowing ample space for the guests in the venue. The big top was made from chunky hardwood poles to give an authentic king pole look. We then used red and white silks to create a big top style roof, a black and white checker board stage with the traditional curved plinths to encircle the space. 


We also installed multiple moving lights around the venue which were used for themed logo projection and breakup effects. We were very lucky that the building is a white box and so we could really make the most of the different lighting effects. The centre piece itself was finished off with filament bulb festoons.